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We can prepare your taxes in person or remotely.  You can mail or fax documents as people have done for decades, or use our secure portal at Intuit Link to upload your documents.  Electronic signing and e-filing make completing the process quick and easy.



Most non-profit organizations (other than churches) will need to file a 990 or 990-EZ if their gross receipts normally exceed $50,000.  These are lengthy and often confusing forms, but they play an important role in telling the general public about the good work that your organization does in the community,  Let us make filing that form easy, so that you can focus on your organizations mission. 
Sometimes an organization fails to timely file its 990, and is stunned to get a bill for $1000s of late filing penalties.  A well crafted "penalty abatement request" letter can often get these penalties completely waived.  If your organization is facing a huge penalty bill, give us a call.


Estate and Trust Administration


Losing a spouse, parent, or other loved one is hard, but it's even worse when you don't know how to handle the tax and financial headaches that often follow.  Through our partnership with Legacy, APC, we can walk you through the often confusing and difficult task of administering an estate or living trust, and ensure that the necessary taxes are filed.

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